Christmas Tree Flames

Slice of Life Day 13

It is like a train wreck happening right in front of me and I just can’t look away…

My son is outside with his friends watching a neighbor burn brush in his fire pit. His two friends have their shirts off and are running around with sticks every so often poking the fire with them or sprinting off into the back woods getting more sticks and fallen branches to burn. My neighbor friend is sitting in her yard watching the boys and the fire, while I am in the front office watching through the window. My son hangs back, rubbing his eyes from the bellowing smoke wafting towards him when the wind changes. The others get close, he hangs back. And then I see the neighbor pull a very old, very crisp Christmas tree from his brush pile.

No, he isn’t going to put that whole thing in there?! He is smarter than that, right?!

All the kids were far enough back, my son even farther. I watched as he picked up the medium sized Christmas tree and placed it into the fire pit. All I had were visions of Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation in my head. My neighbor switched from holding the tree with his hand to propping it up with a shovel. The bottom branches started smoldering, the red and orange flames started bellowing up and out from the bottom, and then WHOOSH the whole tree became engulfed in yellow, orange, and red flames. The flames stretched higher and higher. My eyes widened in disbelief darting from the tree to the boys and back again. The neighbor let go of the shovel, chuckled, and stepped back.

What did he think was going to happen? Could there have been a different outcome?!

The once crisp needles have now dissentagrated from the heat. The branches and trunk remain. The flames subside as all its fuel has been consumed. Grey and black smoke continue to pour from the fire pit. The boys run off into the woods. The neighbor stamps out what remains of the Christmas tree.

Maybe this is a lesson to all to not wait until March to get rid of those Christmas decorations!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Flames

  1. I am a huge fan of burning Christmas trees. Well, I am a fan of going to my friend’s house and watching him burn Christmas trees. Every year my buddy would collect our trees and start a huge bonfire. It was pretty awesome. Hard to look away from.


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