Scooch in. Cuddle close.

Slice of Life Day 16

“Bedtime. Climb in and I will tuck you in.”

She nestles into her pillow, which now needs a blanket folded over it, just like at school, she tells me. Blankets pulled all the way up to her chin.

“Do you want a song?”

A smile and a head nod as she nestles further into her pillow.

Scooch in. Cuddle close.

Where the north wind meets the sea.

There’s a river full of memory.

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound.

For in this river all is found.

Her sweet little voice singing along with me and long after I leave she continues to sing it to herself, to nobody and everybody. Some nights I just sing it. Other times she insists on only singing it covering my mouth if I begin to sing. Sometimes we can’t get past “Scooch in. Cuddle close.” and just giggle and snuggle closer. It is a bedtime ritual I love and is even more enjoyable now that we learned the last line and no longer have to hum it!

Thank you Anna and Elsa for bringing us closer together.

5 thoughts on “Scooch in. Cuddle close.

  1. Oh, how I miss those snuggle in days! I love it when pictures pop up of my “little one” on my lap, reading a book! He’s as tall as me now, and barely gives me a cheek to kiss at night! 😦


  2. This is the sweetest! Gotta love Frozen, little girls, and cuddles! This could be me and my little one, too. Bedtime is such a special time and I cherish it as I know they won’t want that forever. 😦


  3. I love this. I sing to my kids every night too. Even my almost 11 year old son. But with my daughter, like you, sometimes it’s just me, sometimes it’s both, and sometimes it’s just her.

    And yes, lots of humming happens on new songs, lol. I only venture out to a new one every once in a while because of that!

    What a nice bedtime snuggle routine you have.


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