St. Patrick’s Day Anticipation

Slice of Life Day 17

My son has had a countdown taped to the wall in the kitchen for days counting down to St. Patrick’s Day! Each day crossing off another day and happily doing a little jig with how many days remain.  Growing up the leprechaun played tricks at school, flipped over desks, made a mess, green glitter, and gold coins abound.  But, now… the leprechaun has to come to the house! The leprechaun comes at night knocking over chairs and tossing pillows… very mischevious! He leaves behind a magic trail of green glitter with plastic gold coins and chocolate coins! He also leaves behind a St. Patrick Day token as to say, “Better luck next year!” 

Tonight on the ride home my daughter told me that leprechauns are nice and they don’t play tricks on people. I can only imagine the conversations that were had in daycare today thinking a small unknown person like being will sneak into your house and cause mischief!  I reassured her all will be fine, but she went to bed saying “I don’t want the leprechaun to come.”  No worries, all will be forgotten tomorrow when chocolate and a St. Patrick’s Day unicorn and rainbow headband are found in the kitchen!

Before my son went to bed he wrote a letter to the leprechaun thanking him for the gold, that he hasn’t even found yet, and asking him to write him a letter back! He even left him paper and a pencil! I am glad that my kids believe in the magic and get excited! I can’t wait to see their excitement tomorrow! This leprechaun has a job to do!

3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Anticipation

  1. Sounds like you have a very fun tradition. So nice. I never wanted to do the leprechaun in our house. And when my son, at age 3, came home from preschool talking all about the leprechaun and the mischief he made at school, I thought for sure, he’d want to bring that tradition home. Thankfully, he quickly forgot about it and never asked again…even after in 4 year old preschool they did it again.

    BUT…along comes my daughter…and there was no stopping her. The minute she heard about the leprechaun and leprechaun traps at preschool, it was all down hill, lol. So we’ve been leaving traps ever since. He breaks out of the trap and does a small bit of mischief and that’s it. Each year, after the fact, I think about how it would have been fun to leave a gold coin or chocolate gold coin, but alas, it’s too late. Maybe next year!


  2. I never knew this was a thing. Luckily, my students are old enough that they never mention it to me. You parents have your work cut out! I have parents in my class who have three elves on the shelf, Santa, leprechauns, Easter bunnies…the whole idea just wears me out! (Gosh…I sound like a year long Scrooge!)


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