Slice of Life Day 18

My bed is calling me.  Inviting me to lay down.  Tempting me to cozy up. 

I give in!

The pillow is placed just right.  My head sinks in and I nestle in to find the just right spot. I pull the blanket up and over my shoulder and tuck it in just right.  The warmth and weight allowing my body to relax.  The weight of the day melting away. 

Some nights it is better to just give in.

My heavy eyelids close. My thoughts settle.  A quiet house and the hum and breeze of the fan lull me to sleep.  

6 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Ahhhhh sleep! This made me sleepy just reading it. I can picture you relaxing and giving in, which seems to be especially difficult for us teacher mamas of littles. Always something to do or think of or prepare or clean or organize.. but sometimes, rest is best! And well deserved! 🙂


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