They would think I was crazy

Slice of Life Day 19

Today we, unexpectadely, were asked to leave 15 minutes early! It was a scramble to wrap things up and gather my things, but I made it. On the way home, I stopped for my afternoon coffee and started listening to a recorded meeting I have been meaning to get around to. I drove home on auto pilot, enjoying my coffee, listening to ramblings, and relishing that it was still early. I pulled into my son’s school parking lot with about 8 minutes left in the meeting and pulled into a parking spot looking at the kids playing out in the field. I see some kids run up the hill and back into the building as their parents waited out front. I watched the other kids scanning looking for my son. Grey pants, grey sweatshirt… Did he wear his blue winter coat or red puffy vest? Then the revealation…

Wait, today is Thursday! He is at home today learning with his Papa! Oh my God, could you imagine if I pulled up and called to let them know I was here to pick him up! They would think I was crazy!

I quickly put it in drive, go back out the back entrance and head to pick up my daughter at daycare.

Who knew an extra 15 minutes could totally throw off my routine.

At least my daughter was at daycare when I went to the door to pick her up!

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