My house is literally falling from the sky!

Slice of Life Day 20

He jokingly asked “You weren’t planning on sleeping in were you?”

I joked back, “I have two little kids, there is no sleeping in!”

“Ok, good. We will have a whole crew there.”

“We are looking forward to it!”

Looking forward to it, yes, knew what to expect, no!

Today we are having our old siding removed and then they are starting to put up new siding. We are not just replacing what was there, but it is a completely different siding style, color, and design. It will look like a totally different house!

First, the walk around to size up the job. Then, the ladders and scoffolding assembled. Next, the pounding, sawing, hammering. The walls shake with every hit. Moments from Tom Hank’s Money Pit flash through my head. Don’t run into anything expected! Don’t leave my house in shambles!

Currently, I sit on the couch looking through the windows… siding, trim, and shards of I don’t know what are littering my trees, propped up against the house, and filling up my patios. My house is literally falling from the sky! Plummeting to the ground from high above leaving a dust plume in its wake.

A trailer in my driveway is being filled up with the old siding panels, pieces, and shards. How can my house fit in one trailer so neatly?

I am a go with the flow, roll with it kind of person. All I can do is peer through the windows, gaze from afar, and see my house torn away only to wait in anticipation for the big reveal!

2 thoughts on “My house is literally falling from the sky!

  1. How exciting! It will look so great–once the trees are cleaned out of residue! We are doing the same thing with the INSIDE of our house and, you are right, you just have to go with the flow, gaze from afar and wait in anticipation!


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