My Little Tree

Slice of Life Day 22

My little tree took a beating this weekend after I just relished in noticing its purple buds sprouting from its tiny branches. This is a new tree. It will be a blooming flowering tree. I have never seen it bloom as it was sent to us in a box through through the mail last year. We dug the hole. We nurtured it. We watered it. It withstood children running too close to it and children really wanting to take the stick that is still supporting it. I guarded it. I protected it.

This weekend my little tree was right in the middle of what became a main walkway. Siding lay to one side, temporary workbenches on the other, which only left a narrow walkway next to my tree. I don’t think my little tree ever stood a chance. I don’t think the workers even noticed it. It was just a casualty to their determination and haste. Branches bent by swung siding. Branches brushed by toolbelts. It made me cringe and hold my breath every time.

And then, there in the middle hung a sad broken branch. I was crushed. It couldn’t hold up to the many obstacles.

My little tree, I will nurture you, I will water you, you will thrive! You will bloom, you will flower, you will flourish! I am determined.

4 thoughts on “My Little Tree

  1. Wow! This one packed a punch. It’s interesting how, in the middle of all the chaos the world has thrown at us, it is these small things that cut deepest.

    That little tree is lucky to have you. I know that in your care, it will thrive.


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