Possibility of Mice

Slice of Life Day 27

Spring is here, which means moving out the winter essentials to make way for the spring must haves. We have had workers at our house the last few weeks and they have had materials stored in our garage. However, their work is almost complete and the materials are gone! We brought the bike carrier up from the basement a few weeks ago and it has now been taking up space in the garage. Everything will fit, as it all has it’s place, and I will be able to park my car back in the garage. It is a luxury I did not know I enjoyed until I had to park out in the driveway the last few weeks. The one piece preventing the puzzle from fitting together is the snow blower! Now, I know it could still snow, but I am hoping spring is here to stay, and any snow that does fall will melt quickly or be easily removed with a shovel. So, the snow blower can go, the bike carrier rearranged, and my car can reclaim it’s rightful spot in the garage!

What is preventing the snow blower from being relocated from the garage to the shed in the backyard? My husband’s fear of the possibility of mice in the shed. The shed and the possibility of mice literally gives him nightmares! He envisions the mice multiplying in the winter months only to have the doors sprung open in spring and an entire colony of mice to come scurrying out!

Have we had mice? Yes.

An entire colony of mice? No.

A small family? Yes.

They like the warmth of our tractor and I am always the brave soul to relocate them, clear out their home, and shoo them away. Where is my husband you ask? As far as way as possible! So I told him, put on your big boy pants, today is the day I open the shed!

I headed to the back with the kids, while he went to bring the snow blower around to the back. I pulled back the lock, yanked open the door, and was welcomed with the musty smell of a shed locked shut for months. Where is my husband? Still at the back at the house. Still too far away to even see a mouse scurry.

No mice colony.

No mice family.

No mice scurrying.

All is as we left it. I make loud noises. I move things around. No movement. No mice.

“It’s fine. There are no mice.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, there are no mice.”

Hesitantly and cautiously he approaches with the snow blower. Yard essentials moved around, patio furniture removed, snow blower pushed back into the depths until next winter. No mice to be found… yet. But, my rightful spot in the garage reclaimed!

2 thoughts on “Possibility of Mice

  1. I don’t know how I’d react if I knew turning on an engine could slice up a family of mice. Hopefully they’d scurry before that though. I’d be such a coward about being the one to open the shed too! You are a brave woman!


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