Sometimes you just need a nap

Slice of Life Day 28

I have given up on trying to get my daughter to nap on the weekend. She absolutely needs a nap, but she is strong willed and determined and if she doesn’t want to nap she isn’t going to nap. At first I was adamant that she must nap. I would read to her, tuck her in, and say good night. I would then have to go back to her room two, three, four times over the course of an hour for whatever excuse she could come up with to deter sleep. I finally gave up a few weeks after too much frustration and a waste of an hour. Now I just make her have quiet time. I read to her then sometimes she wants to read to her animals in bed. Sometimes she wants to read in her chair. Other times she wants to draw or play toys in the toy room. All are fine as long as they don’t need my supervision. Sometimes Momma just needs an hour to herself to do nothing or to get things done!

Last night we were up late, and the kids do not know what sleeping in means, so they were up early. We have had a busy start to the morning and she has been running, doing, and into everything. We finally went upstairs for quiet time.

“Momma, will you read to me?”

“Of course, climb on up.”

As we read the Wobbly Waitress, her new favorite, her head started to wobble, she nestled a little closer, and let out a big yawn…

“Momma, can we read in bed?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

Snuggled in, covered up, she nestled in to sleep! Somedays, I guess, you just need a nap… especially when not told by Mom.

Sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a nap

  1. It might shock you to learn that I was thinking about a certain daughter of mine when she was younger as I read this. I can definitely relate. I always love how well you paint such sweet pictures with your writing. Thank you for sharing this.


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