Different Ideas of Clean

Slice of Life Day 29

My husband and I have different ideas of clean.  When he clears the table after dinner, most dishes get put into the dishwasher, but one plate or pot remains in the sink even though there’s room in the dishwasher.  There’s always remnants from dinner left in the sink and on the counter.  I always appreciate his effort though and I just finish up to my standards once he’s moved on to something else.

Today we were set on cleaning up the basement from the remodel now that only touch ups remain.  There were piles of dry wall dust, left over pieces of wiring, and whatever else was missed from the workers clean up.  I started sweeping, dusting, wiping, moving things to get to hidden piles that were out of sight.  I knew if I wanted it done, my way, I needed to do it myself.  I felt accomplished that the layer of dust was gone, the floor was clean, and can once again be a safe and clean living space. 

My husband had some work boxes to move and said he would sweep by the door that lead to our newly remodeled side of the basement.  I crossed paths with him a few times while doing laundry and only quick glanced at his clean up.  As he went back upstairs, I went back down saying I was now going to mop.  Before I started mopping, I picked up the broom and made one more clean sweep of his spot.  Moving boxes, going under a cabinet, under a mat, behind the door.  Another big pile collected with construction remains with hubby none the wiser. I finished mopping and stood back to admire the clean basement.  I appreciate my hubby’s contributions and efforts and I know he appreciates my diligence in making his workout space clean and inviting! Win-win!

3 thoughts on “Different Ideas of Clean

  1. Tina, I can envision your entire cleaning regime playing out in my mind. I can imagine waiting in the distance for the ‘all’s clear’ before giving everything one last wipe down, sweep, pick up before tackling the big job, the mopping! And your husband is pretty lucky for your cheerful, grateful and positive spin on it all!


  2. I can imagine you just waiting for Matt to go upstairs so that you can make sure it is “really” clean. Somehow, there is ALWAYS a fork or plate left in our sink. Makes me crazy!


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