Finally Vaccinated

Slice of Life Day 31

My husband finally got his COVID vaccine today! Now all the adults in my immediate family are vaccinated. My husband was the last piece of the puzzle. He, however, did not put in the effort to schedule an appointment. I would scour Walgreens in the early morning looking for appointments to no avail. I had an appointment through the county, but lost it due to my husband’s indecisiveness. So, finally, I received another update with new appointments and I went for it. He would have to make time to go. Added bonus, it was the Johnson and Johnson vaccine so he would only have to go once and it was 5 minutes from our house! I am grateful that he is vaccinated as well as many of my immediate family. I am hopeful that this leads to a greater sense of normalcy. More than a year later I am needing it.

3 thoughts on “Finally Vaccinated

  1. Yay! Mike had the first shot so now we just wait for dose 2. Both my parents will be done this week, as will his parents. It really does make me breathe a bit easier for all of them.


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