Wayside School meets the Men in Black

Slice of Life Day 2

Today the 4th Grade took a nationwide assessment.  Our grade and our school were randomly selected.  We were given very little information aside from they will proctor the test themselves, they will bring their own tablets, and it will take 2 hours.  2 hours?! My class could barely make it through a 10 minute CoGat test let alone 2 hours! My teaching partner and I have not been looking forward to today.  The secrecy of the test and being out of the loop on all the logistics gave me the image of very official looking adults arriving in black suits looking overly dressed and very professional.  The tablets would be under lock and key and rolled in inside big cases.  

There are scenes in the Wayside School books that describe three men mysteriously appearing with an attache case interrogating the students with questions.  All very intimidating.  These scenes and imagery ran through my head today…

3 men and 1 woman showed up today all casually dressed.  Total let down for me.  I was hoping for the Men In Black to come down the hall.  

They had 2 clear rolling cases and 1 flowery duffel bag with tablets, cords, and materials.  Again, total let down.  No lock and key black safes.  Not even a briefcase with a combination lock to hide away the testing directions and materials.

I would have much rather have been on the top floor of Mrs. Jewel’s class at Wayside School for today’s test! Much more excitement, anxiety, many more theatrics. 

Instead, today’s testing was uneventful, seamless.  The kids were focused and, surprisingly, very well behaved.  It was everything I could have hoped with… I mean one proctor looking like Will Smith in a black suit would have at least made me giggle!

3 thoughts on “Wayside School meets the Men in Black

  1. What a fun post! I love the build up of what you were imagining and then the surprise of what it actually was. That line about “Not even a briefcase with a combination lock…” really made me chuckle.


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