Are you kidding me?!

Slice of Life Day 7

A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case four… Are you kidding me?!

I am the first to wake up in the morning. I make lunches, empty and load the dishwasher and pack backpacks before I get the kids up and ready.  I leave the kids at this very tabletop dressed, ready to go, and eating breakfast.  Today was not a usual day as the littlest one was staying home and my son had art camp due to a teacher institute day. They would all be home for about 2 hours before they had to leave for art.  How can 3 people cause such a mess?!  My day ended early at 1:15 and I had planned on running an errand before heading home.  I sent a text.

You good picking Luke up from art?

No response.

Is Olivia sleeping?

No response.

Now the choice, do I go run my errand assuming my husband has it covered, or do I go straight home assuming he does not?

Ugh. Go straight home.  

I call my husband this time.  

Still no response.  

He most definitely does not have it covered.

As I’m getting off the highway and 12 minutes from home my husband finally calls.  

“Hi, how was work?” 

“Are you good picking up Luke? Is Olivia sleeping?”

“Yea, I can get him and Olivia told me she is not napping today!”

Of course she told you this! She is 4 going on 13.

“OK. I’ll be home in 10.  I’ll put Olivia down for a nap and you get Luke.”

My husband is in the garage when I pull in ready to go.  I head in and am met with this tabletop scene!

How is it possible that my husband is home all day long and he can’t put anything away?!  Now, granted, I know he was working, but still.  I know he had time to go to the coffee shop this morning and there were most definitely trips to the bathroom, but none to clean up the kitchen. This scene most definitely does not bother him like it does me.

I timed myself. 4 minutes.  I repeat, 4 minutes!  I think we are just wired differently.  This scene is worth a thousand words to me, but I will keep these four that come to mind, and many, many more, to myself.  Some things just aren’t worth saying aloud.  Some things are best kept to myself.  

3 thoughts on “Are you kidding me?!

  1. This made me smile. I, too, am wired this way and had to chuckle about it only taking you 4 mins to clean up. I think some of us are just wired differently. I can not function in a messy kitchen. The dining room table can be a hot mess, but I want the kitchen clean as much as possible.


  2. Oh, those four little words! 🤣 I hear you 100% with this slice today. I’m getting better at keeping the words on the internal level, but the message that my FACE gives off… still needs some work! Thanks for the smile and solidarity today.

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