The Melting Snow Pile

Slice of Life Day 8

We live on a cul de sac and the snow plows push the snow right up in front of our house.  The kids love it because it is always the tallest mound.  The best for building forts.  This is the highlight of the kids’ winter days, but as the days warm and the snow melts this massive pile ever so slowly remains.  I know that winter is truly gone when this pile is completely gone.  I have been watching it shrink exposing the darkened dirt beneath.  The city will need to come and seed because the height of the snow pile usually results in the plow inching its way up over the curb and onto the parkway.  The shrinking pile gives way to black grayish snow.  The reminder that the white winter wonderland is leaving making its way for spring blossoms and greenery.  Every morning when I wake up I look out my bedroom window and assess the pile.  Yesterday the pile was receding, the smallest it has been, the warm weekend gave way to more grassy ground cover.  And then I woke up this morning… two steps back! The white winter wonderland had returned blanketing the yard and the dirty snow pile.  White, glistening, shimmering.  A reminder that winter is still here and my pile remains.  I am hopeful for the day when it melts away and exposes the long covered ground beneath it.  

One thought on “The Melting Snow Pile

  1. I was just noticing a big pile like that somewhere. Super tall still but almost black. I could hardly tell it was snow! And then there is one at the end of our sidewalk (down by the cul de sac!) that I am hoping for it to go away soon because it blocks my way when I go for a walk.


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