20 Minutes of Peace

Slice of Life Day 10

I wake up before anyone else in the house.  I get ready and head downstairs. I love the quiet, calm, and stillness of the house.  I have a routine.

Feed the dog.

Ask Alexa to play the news.

Make lunch for me and my son.

Empty the dishwasher 

Load the dishwasher.

Pack my son’s backpack. 

Write out my son’s math facts and spelling words.

Submit my daughter’s health check for the day.

Sit down for 5 minutes for breakfast.

All this takes about 20 minutes before I head upstairs to wake up the kids.

However, the last two days this quiet, calm, stillness has been interrupted by,

“Can I wake up…”

It’s 6 o’clock! You have got to be kidding me!

“No, baby. It’s still too early.  Go back to bed.”

“UGH! Why can’t I wake up…”

“Mommy loves you.  Go back to bed.”

This is usually met with more grumbles, complaining, and an incessant need to know why they can’t wake up!

This is usually when I have to ignore them because I will otherwise lose my cool.  I will break the quiet, calm, and stillness!

Can’t I just have 20 minutes of peace?! 

Please, I beg you, just give me 20 minutes of peace!

5 thoughts on “20 Minutes of Peace

  1. Oh I remember those days. Soon they will be teens and they will not want to go to bed, but impossible to wake up!! Good luck getting your 20 mins. of peace back.


  2. That’s not a fun way to wake up. One they’re up though, you’re screwed. “I ask Alexa to play the news”🤦‍♂️. Do you knit by the fire while listening to the news granny?😂 jk

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  3. I love the way you describe your calm, peaceful routine and then, surprise us with the request from your early riser. Yikes! Years of mothering make this a very relatable post…that yearning for just a few more minutes is universal.


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