An Unexpected Compliment

Slice of Life Day 14

“You look really nice today!” complimented my husband this morning. “Is that a new outfit?”

These were just the words I needed to hear this morning. I was tired. Nothing jumped out at me in the closet and I always struggle with dressing for the spring like weather. These were just the words I needed to hear to boost my confidence and not go back into my closet to change.

“Nah, I think the sweater was a Christmas present and I just haven’t worn the pants in a while,” I replied.

“Well, that sounds like it’s new to me!”

“Yea, I guess so!”

A new outfit always seems to give me a little extra pep in my step and this is what I needed this morning. May this newfound confidence boost me through my day. And, a big thank you to my husband this morning for noticing and saying something!


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