Oh park, we have missed you

Slice of Life Day 16

The park has been waiting patiently throughout these cold winter months longing to be enjoyed.  Wanting to have kids climb, jump, slide, and swing.  

Today at school, my students help it together until about 2:00 and then we needed to get outside.  We headed out for our walk, the kids walked and ran their way around the school and then they looked at me, with that gleam in their eye, hoping I would give them the go ahead to play on the playground.

Go play! You have 10 minutes.

Swings were snatched up.  Slides were run up.  Monkey bars swung on. Rallying cries of, “Not it!”  As I watched and observed I couldn’t help but smile as the sun warmed my face, the spring air filled my lungs, and the kids’ happiness filled the air. 

We all have longed for the warmer days when we could once again enjoy the playground!  


2 thoughts on “Oh park, we have missed you

  1. Yay! Sounds awesome!

    My kids at home have bene loving being back at the park. Except, right as it’s getting warmer, they closed both of the ones in our neighborhood because we’re getting new ones. So it will be fun once they are done, but it’s stinks not to have it for a couple months! Luckily, there are 2 others that aren’t THAT far.


  2. Oh, there is indeed something wonderful as the sounds of children playing in a park come the first warm breaths of spring. I can hear the joyful peals of children laughing in your write.

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