We’re Going on a Mud Hike

Slice of Life Day 21

Today I went with my son on the Cub Scouts’ Mud Hike.  We were told to wear waterproof shoes or boots as it would be muddy and we might attempt a creek crossing.  We came prepared in our rain boots, extra socks and shoes, plastic bags, and a towel. 

We started off not too muddy. The mud was avoidable. It started to get a little wetter in spots as we neared the creek.  We then attempted to cross.  It wasn’t too deep, up to your ankles in spots, muddy in parts, but I knew to aim for the rocks and then step up onto the dry grass.  Well, boys will be boys and they waded through the deeper part as the water dared to reach the top of their boots.  They then attempted to exit directly in front of them at the lowest point.  You could see the black mud and footprints where others had attempted.  In went the first boot then the second.  The boy took the next step willing his boot to stay on his foot.  On the second step, his foot inched its way out of the boot but the mud held tight.

Flerp! Suck!

He teetered and tottered trying to balance himself trying to wiggle his foot free.

Flerp! Suck! Suck! 

A friend to the rescue pulled his boot up by its top straps.  The mud no longer able to hold tight. 

Laughter and giggles ensued.

I made the mistake of following my son close behind two other girls.  They were indecisive on their path and worried the mud would grab hold of them too.  I knew my green flowered garden boots only had seconds before the water would find a way to seep in.  My son was mesmerized by the mud and stepped straight towards the mud hole.  I steered him upstream towards the rocks and had him take one big step up onto the dry crisp ground.  Success! We avoided the mud’s grasp and my feet remained dry.  The mud however was calling to my son enticing him back to the creek’s edge.  He wanted the mud to suck him in.  He wanted the water to dare to spill over the tops of his boots.  Boys will be boys.  Once one went back to the water’s edge they all did.  Wading their way through the creek.  Kicking, stomping, splashing.  Where does my son try to exit? Right at the mud pit.  And what happened? His boot was sucked down into the depths of the mud.  Mom to the rescue pulling him out by his boot straps.  As he walked up the hill water sloshed out of the top and ran down the sides of his boot.

“Did you have fun?”

Hehe “That was the best!”

“Mom, my feet are all wet!”

“No, you don’t say? Hold on to me and I’ll pull your boot off.”

Flerp! Suck!

Out poured the creek from the inside of his boot!

As we continued on I was reminded of one of my daughter’s favorite books Were Going On A Bear Hunt, “Through the mud we went squelch, squerch, squelch, squerch!”

According to my son, it was all totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “We’re Going on a Mud Hike

  1. I love the “Flerp, suck!” I could hear it in my head! Throughout the whole thing I was imagining what the creek looked like. The muddy footprints. The boys all heading back to the creek. And I loved, “Out poured the creek from the inside of his boot!”


  2. Great job describing this fun mud hike!! I bet your son will remember this and how his mom went with him. You are brave when Dustin went to clean a river with boy scouts I sent Brian!! Now he is on his way to becoming an Eagle so I hope your son enjoys all the adventures as much as he has.


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