Another Spilled Water Bottle

Slice of Life Day 23

Every day, it never fails, someone knocks a water bottle on the ground, and at least once a week one of those water bottles is full and spills its contents all over our floor.  Today was no exception.  Today we almost made it through the day without any spilled water.  Today we made it to the last two minutes of class.  2 minutes! We were so close to today not being the day!

It happened in slow motion as they always do.  We saw it happening, but no one could stop it from happening fast enough.  A student began tapping on their desk completely unaware that the tapping was causing the packed backpack to bounce closer and closer to the water bottle with each tap, tap.  And then there was the tap that pushed everything over the edge.  The hand tapped the desk that bounced the backpack that knocked the water bottle that tipped over and spilled its contents all over the floor!  And yet the tap, tapping continued as the student was still totally unaware! How is this even possible?!

My class rang out, “Again?! Pick it up! It’s going everywhere!”

Our usual routine commenced,

someone start pulling paper towels,

someone pick up the bottle,

someone cleared the area of debris,

at least two people came closer and got in the way of the clean up! 

Our poor custodians! They know my call on the walkie talkie all too well.  

Water spill in room 130.

It’s embarrassing.  It’s shameful.  And yet the students who do the repeated said spilling never seem to care.   Case and point, the tap, tapping student did not help in the clean up, did not apologize, and did not even bother to take the water bottle home.  The student left with the first wave of dismissals and the rest of us just stood and surveyed the puddle seeping and stretching its way further away from the spill zone.  The poor non-absorbent paper towels soaked through in the middle of the spill.  

“Ahh, the water bottles still leaking!” cried another student.

There sat the culprit. The water bottle. Its last remaining contents seeping out onto another’s desk through the now visible crack in the plastic.  


Hopefully, we have met our quota for the week.


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