Late Night Snack

Slice of Life Day 25

I am not a big late night snacker, but I do get hungry once the kids are finally sleeping and I go downstairs to watch TV and finally relax.  I don’t know if I am hungry because I am actually hungry or if I am hungry because I can finally eat without watching the clock or having to hop up and down catering to others.  I think it’s really the latter.  I can eat and taste my food.  Really enjoy it.  My go to, however, is usually cereal.  I think it’s because I don’t eat cereal anymore and I find something so refreshing and satisfying about the cold milk.  I also won’t lie, my bowl of choice is usually Froot Loops! I loved these as a kid so naturally, I introduced my kids to them.  I have a total sweet tooth so this is the compromise to eating ice cream or some other sweet dessert.  A bowl of Froot Loops on the couch, yup, that is a hard one to pass up!


6 thoughts on “Late Night Snack

  1. For me, this was a relatable post. Other than oatmeal, I don’t usually eat cereal anymore, But, like you, if I need a late night snack, I’ll reach for the Cheerios or Corn Pops in lieu of something less nourishing. It really just hits the spot. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This had me thinking of all the cereals I haven’t had in a million years. And your description of the cold milk made my mouth water. I’m thinking I need to hide some Frosted Flakes in my cupboard and pull it out late one night.


  3. I can totally relate to the late-night snacking once my kids are finally down. My favorite choices are usually popcorn and wine…it is the one part of the day where no one is asking for something and I don’t have to clean up after someone else!


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