Planning ahead for a trip

Slice of Life Day 30

Planning for a trip with kids, especially a road trip, takes a lot more planning and preparing for many more situations. 

First, the snacks! My kids complain they’re hungry while driving around town let alone driving to a different state! Snacks for the car packed and ensured that there are enough for both because asking them to share is walking a very fine line and could easily cause a meltdown.  I also need to think about early morning snacks before we can eat breakfast too!  My daughter, especially, takes after me and gets hangry! We want to avoid this at all costs.

Then, planning the activities for the car.  I have a secret stash of word puzzles, sticker activity books, magnets, new sketchpads, scratch art, card games, and books. I am keeping it all in one bag thinking these items can be shared, I may regret this decision later.  I do have separate bags for scratch art and coloring utensils.  These I know will not be shared well.  When all else fails, Nintendo Switch with two controllers and two iPads each with their downloaded movies of choice.  Headphones are packed too otherwise we will have a battle of the iPads with an all out volume war. 

Yesterday was spent making reservations and purchasing tickets: museum, zoo, boat tour, cave tour.  Scouting out where we can have breakfast, stop for lunch, and go for dinner.  Phone calls and reservations made.  My husband really doesn’t care, but I always run the plan by him and talk through the timing just to be sure.  He then laughs when I rethink the plan and talk through it for a second time.  Once again, he doesn’t really care.  

Packing for this will be easy.  It was all the preemptive laundry that was not.  

I think I have thought of everything and if not we’ll figure it out.  May the drive be easy, our patience plentiful and our moods enjoyable! Road trip here we come!


6 thoughts on “Planning ahead for a trip

  1. I hope you have a great time!! Even at my kids age snack are required for a road trip along with a good book or three and their phones!!


  2. Vacations are so much work, but it sounds like you’ve front-loaded it well and (hopefully) will be able to rest and relax. Have a good one.


  3. I never gave my mom enough credit for the road trips we took. In those days there were no iPads or movies in the car so she had to work really hard to avoid arguments. I love that you plan and then rethink the plan. I’m sure your trip will be worth all the planning.


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