Another Month Remembered

Slice of Life Day 31

Another month complete.  Added to years of doing this challenge.  A moment frozen in time to look back at my family and kids to see our comings and goings.  To see my kids grow from itty bitty babies into tiny little humans.  Life is always so busy, and that will never change, but I enjoy finding the small moments in the month of March that may otherwise be fleeting.  It makes me stop and hone in on the moments worth remembering and the moments that would otherwise be forgotten.  Another month complete.  Another month of memories to be remembered.


7 thoughts on “Another Month Remembered

  1. Our posts today really mirrored each other’s thoughts! Yes, it was so nice to document moments that maybe otherwise would have just been a fleeting moment in time. I look forward to rereading these and remembering what my family was up to this month!

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  2. I love every word you wrote today! I feel every one. This challenge definitely came in a good time of my life when my kiddos were even smaller than they are now. So like you said, this challenge captures littles bits of them each year. I especially loved this, “It makes me stop and hone in on the moments worth remembering and the moments that would otherwise be forgotten.” In fact this line almost makes me cry! I always want every moment burned in my brain and I know it just can’t be. But this challenge helps some of it stay forever.

    Congrats on another year! I have enjoyed reading all of your slices!

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  3. The one thing I love each year is going back and reading all of the previous years’ posts. I’m not good about recording things in memory books so this is kind of like my memory book. Congrats on completing the challenge!


  4. This is beautiful. I so wish I had been doing SOL when my children were young. At times I journaled, but not enough. Thanks for reminding me that I can rely on SOL now.


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