We’re Going on a Mud Hike

Slice of Life Day 21

Today I went with my son on the Cub Scouts’ Mud Hike.  We were told to wear waterproof shoes or boots as it would be muddy and we might attempt a creek crossing.  We came prepared in our rain boots, extra socks and shoes, plastic bags, and a towel. 

We started off not too muddy. The mud was avoidable. It started to get a little wetter in spots as we neared the creek.  We then attempted to cross.  It wasn’t too deep, up to your ankles in spots, muddy in parts, but I knew to aim for the rocks and then step up onto the dry grass.  Well, boys will be boys and they waded through the deeper part as the water dared to reach the top of their boots.  They then attempted to exit directly in front of them at the lowest point.  You could see the black mud and footprints where others had attempted.  In went the first boot then the second.  The boy took the next step willing his boot to stay on his foot.  On the second step, his foot inched its way out of the boot but the mud held tight.

Flerp! Suck!

He teetered and tottered trying to balance himself trying to wiggle his foot free.

Flerp! Suck! Suck! 

A friend to the rescue pulled his boot up by its top straps.  The mud no longer able to hold tight. 

Laughter and giggles ensued.

I made the mistake of following my son close behind two other girls.  They were indecisive on their path and worried the mud would grab hold of them too.  I knew my green flowered garden boots only had seconds before the water would find a way to seep in.  My son was mesmerized by the mud and stepped straight towards the mud hole.  I steered him upstream towards the rocks and had him take one big step up onto the dry crisp ground.  Success! We avoided the mud’s grasp and my feet remained dry.  The mud however was calling to my son enticing him back to the creek’s edge.  He wanted the mud to suck him in.  He wanted the water to dare to spill over the tops of his boots.  Boys will be boys.  Once one went back to the water’s edge they all did.  Wading their way through the creek.  Kicking, stomping, splashing.  Where does my son try to exit? Right at the mud pit.  And what happened? His boot was sucked down into the depths of the mud.  Mom to the rescue pulling him out by his boot straps.  As he walked up the hill water sloshed out of the top and ran down the sides of his boot.

“Did you have fun?”

Hehe “That was the best!”

“Mom, my feet are all wet!”

“No, you don’t say? Hold on to me and I’ll pull your boot off.”

Flerp! Suck!

Out poured the creek from the inside of his boot!

As we continued on I was reminded of one of my daughter’s favorite books Were Going On A Bear Hunt, “Through the mud we went squelch, squerch, squelch, squerch!”

According to my son, it was all totally worth it!


A Lazy Afternoon Together

Slice of Life Day 20

Today was a cold rainy day that kept us inside during the early afternoon.  After our morning errands, cleaning the house, and doing the laundry, I finally wanted to sit down for 10 minutes.  I went to put on a recorded cooking show only to be let down because there weren’t any new episodes.  Instead, I scrolled to a home renovation competition.  My littlest was napping and my oldest was hard at work on a new drawing.  He set up shop at the foot of the couch as I laid down and sprawled out. He looked up at the show every so often when something caught his eye commenting on the design choice and what he liked or didn’t.  This went on with him commenting and me listening.  At the end of the episode, he turned to me and said, “Is there another one?”  He was hooked and wanted to see what the designers would each choose next in the room they had to design.  

“There are a few more recorded.”

“Can we watch it?”

“Sure, we have time before soccer.”

So together we watched commenting on the choices, giving them our approval or not.  Agreeing sometimes and disagreeing others.  

Then my littlest came downstairs sleepy eyed from her nap and curled up with us.  She too jumped right in once she heard us commenting back and forth.  Her opinion sometimes in line with ours and other times we all had very different opinions.  

This sparked conversations about what we would do if we were designing and what would do in our dream homes.  I love that our styles and design choices all ebbed and flowed with each changing house and room.  I love that my children are each coming into their own and owning their own style and individuality.  

I wonder what we’ll think of the next room?

Family Fun Fair

Slice of Life Day 19

Last night was our first after school event in over 2 years!  The Family Fun Fair was back! My son has been talking about this for weeks and the days leading up to it were no exception! There were games to be played, raffle baskets to win, and the infamous cake walk.  

My son had made a plan with his friends, meet at their class and then straight to the cake walk to ensure they had their pick of the goodies.  We arrived right on time and were rushed through the halls to his class where, just as anticipated, his friends were waiting.  Giggles, smiles, and jumping ensued!

To the cake walk!

Parents and younger siblings in tow.  

Games were played, slime was made, tattoos pressed on, raffle winners announced!

The whole school was abuzz after a long awaited 2 years!  The smiles, laughter, and chatting with friends and families have been long overdue.  

Three Generations

Slice of Life Day 18

Today three generations sat together eating ice cream watching chocolate truffles being made.  Today three generations celebrated a birthday. 

Here we sit midday enjoying our favorite flavors fascinated by the swirling tub of dark chocolate.  Watching intently as the chocolate maker dipped, tapped, and twirled the chocolate.  You could tell she had done this so many times it was muscle memory.  We watched from afar as white chocolate eggs were filled.  We guessed at the filling and wondered how they would be put together.  We were mesmerized by the addition of milk chocolate and white chocolate details.  Had I not already been eating ice cream my mouth would be watering craving the sweet creamy chocolate. 

Today three generations enjoyed passing the time together.

Happy Birthday Mom!

St. Patrick’s Eve

Slice of Life Day 17

Here I stand at my dresser having just put the kids to sleep pulling out my stash of green shamrock necklaces, green and gold confetti, and gold shamrock stamped coin necklaces.  It is the eve of St. Patrick’s Day and my kids are expecting a leprechaun or a leprechaun has been here clues! I am cutting the gold coins off the necklace, which will be left behind for the kids.  The confetti is to track where the leprechaun has been, and the shamrock necklaces will be a gift left behind along with chocolate gold coins.  My son went to bed having found his gold stash from last year and a note the leprechaun left behind.  He tried to lure the leprechaun back with a trail of his gold and another note.  My daughter’s excitement and buzz wore off as she slipped into bed.

Mommy, I don’t want the leprechaun to come in my room.

Neither do I, honey.  Neither do I.

Confetti and gold must be left, so giggles and laughter can be had in the morning. This leprechaun has work to do!

Happy St. Patrick’s Eve!

Oh park, we have missed you

Slice of Life Day 16

The park has been waiting patiently throughout these cold winter months longing to be enjoyed.  Wanting to have kids climb, jump, slide, and swing.  

Today at school, my students help it together until about 2:00 and then we needed to get outside.  We headed out for our walk, the kids walked and ran their way around the school and then they looked at me, with that gleam in their eye, hoping I would give them the go ahead to play on the playground.

Go play! You have 10 minutes.

Swings were snatched up.  Slides were run up.  Monkey bars swung on. Rallying cries of, “Not it!”  As I watched and observed I couldn’t help but smile as the sun warmed my face, the spring air filled my lungs, and the kids’ happiness filled the air. 

We all have longed for the warmer days when we could once again enjoy the playground!  

The Dreaded Phone Call

Slice of Life Day 15

There is no phone call I dread more when I am teaching than a call from my daughter’s daycare.  Today when I went to get my computer off my desk to project a document for class I noticed I had a voicemail. Another dreaded sign, anyone who needs me knows to text me when I am teaching unless it is daycare.  I looked at the missed call and sure enough, it was daycare! I gave directions to the class so I could listen to the message…

Olivia was exposed on Friday.  

Insert four letter words into my head! 

You will need to come pick her up.

Insert more four letter words!

She can return on Thursday.

You have got to be kidding me?! This is the third time this school year.

Now comes the Tetris logic puzzle to figure out who can watch our daughter for the next three days! It never fails, just when our schedules return to normal and everyone seems healthy, BAM, a curveball I didn’t see coming! 

Here’s to everyone staying healthy and this just being another inconvenience!

Ugh! Insert many four letter words!

An Unexpected Compliment

Slice of Life Day 14

“You look really nice today!” complimented my husband this morning. “Is that a new outfit?”

These were just the words I needed to hear this morning. I was tired. Nothing jumped out at me in the closet and I always struggle with dressing for the spring like weather. These were just the words I needed to hear to boost my confidence and not go back into my closet to change.

“Nah, I think the sweater was a Christmas present and I just haven’t worn the pants in a while,” I replied.

“Well, that sounds like it’s new to me!”

“Yea, I guess so!”

A new outfit always seems to give me a little extra pep in my step and this is what I needed this morning. May this newfound confidence boost me through my day. And, a big thank you to my husband this morning for noticing and saying something!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Slice of Life Day 13

It’s funny how things come full circle.  I am sitting outside of my daughter’s dance class chatting with the other moms when I hear Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  I smile and bounce my foot along to the beat as the girls click their taps to the beat. 

This brings me back to my freshman year of high school on Orchesis.  Orchesis was a dance troupe that choreographed and performed an original performance every year with close to 20 numbers.  The freshman and sophomores performed a dance to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  I remember wearing silk seafoam colored pajamas that I think we purchased from Limited Too. We pretended to be sleeping on the stage at the start of this dance number before we all stretched, woke up, and began our synchronized dance moves. There is something about being on stage, the darkness of the audience, the bright lights, and the thrill when the music starts up. Seeing my daughter in dance class and on the stage during her recital brings me back to the countless dance practices and recitals I enjoyed so much. It is a little bit surreal to now experience this from the audience as my mom did so many years ago.

Comfy Clothing

Slice of Life Day 12

I think everyone has that piece of clothing that is the epitome of comfort.  Not just because of the actual feel of the material, but the memories that are woven into it that provide the true comfort.  For me, it is a grey hooded sweatshirt from my junior or senior year of high school.  The hood for the string is gone.  The front pocket hangs down on one side.  The cotton has worn thin.  It has my high school’s name and logo on the front and lists all of the names of friends and classmates that were gym leaders too.  My husband knows when I wear this sweatshirt, I’ve thrown in the towel.  It’s my epitome of comfort.  Wrap me up in memories and nostalgia.  High school, college, grad school, pregnancies this sweatshirt has been worn through it all.  Memories are woven into it.  Many more memories to be had.   

What is your piece of clothing that brings you comfort?