Playing with Friends

Slice of Life: Day 31

Today my son got to meet up with his “new” friend again.  Ever since we went to Mom and Son Night together both boys have been asking to get together and play again.  Today was that day.  We went to a craft workshop at Michael’s.  Luke loves arts and crafts.  Coloring, cutting, gluing, decorating, creating.  He is all about it.  Today was no different and today they were making a birdhouse!  I love watching Luke’s intensity and creativity.  Color after color he shaded in the popsicle sticks.  Blue.  Orange.  Grey.  Orange again.  Green.  Purple.  As they colored, they talked…

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Do you have a bike?”

“I like Spider Man.”

“I like Spider Man too.”

I love being able to hear these conversations.  I love watching my son engage with his friend.  Talking about likes and dislikes.  Asking questions and telling stories.  It makes my heart melt knowing my son will forge friendships and has the tools to do so.  It makes me so happy.

With popsicle sticks colored then came the assembly with glue!  I offered my help, but Luke didn’t need it.  He carefully laid a line of glue and placed it a top the others.  His masterpiece finally coming together.  Repeat for the top.  Next the roof.  His favorite color chosen.  Green.  He stops to check out what color his friend chose.  Green too.  Go figure.  Roof glued on.  Birdhouse complete!

“Look at mine!”

“Look what I did!”

“I made a door for mine!”

Two friends enjoying time together and learning about one another!  There is nothing more enjoyable and sweeter to be a part of.

3 thoughts on “Playing with Friends

  1. Tina I will miss reading your sweet stories about adorable Luke and Olivia. I will also miss reading your humorous stories that we can all relate to. Great job on finding both interesting and entertaining things to write about for 31 days! You did it! You stepped up to the challenged and you completed it with beauty, grace and even a few laughs 🙂


  2. This last post reads like a metaphor for the month and writing about playing seems apropos. Thank you for this glimpse into your lovely family. Congratulations on writing every day this month. You are one of two from my WW group who finished. The other is also a Trina! She writes at should you want to meet your namesake.

    Glenda Funk
    Welcome Wagon liaison


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