Comfy Clothing

Slice of Life Day 12

I think everyone has that piece of clothing that is the epitome of comfort.  Not just because of the actual feel of the material, but the memories that are woven into it that provide the true comfort.  For me, it is a grey hooded sweatshirt from my junior or senior year of high school.  The hood for the string is gone.  The front pocket hangs down on one side.  The cotton has worn thin.  It has my high school’s name and logo on the front and lists all of the names of friends and classmates that were gym leaders too.  My husband knows when I wear this sweatshirt, I’ve thrown in the towel.  It’s my epitome of comfort.  Wrap me up in memories and nostalgia.  High school, college, grad school, pregnancies this sweatshirt has been worn through it all.  Memories are woven into it.  Many more memories to be had.   

What is your piece of clothing that brings you comfort?


6 thoughts on “Comfy Clothing

  1. I have a sweater that was originally my daughter’s, purchased at a J Crew outlet the day she decided to go to college in upstate NY. It’s patchwork wool and filled with holes, stretched out of control, but full of memories.

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  2. I love the lines “Memories are woven into it.” and “More memories to be had.” You probably have a mine of slices right there! Mine is a grey sweatshirt too! I actually wrote an ode to it once. Fun slice!


  3. I also have a sweatshirt that I had in high school. It was given to me by a friend and it has always been oversized and comfy. This post made me think more of a green shirt my husband has actually two of and every time one of our kids was born he has it on. When Haley was born I told him to please wear another shirt and he said he can’t now it’s tradition!

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  4. Love those special pieces of clothing that not only are comfortable to the touch but also very comfortable to the mind. I have old Levis from college that sit in a corner of my closet. Will probably never wear them again as they are beyond worn out but probably will stay with me regardless, as you stated, lots of warm memories. Enjoy your comfy Saturday!


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