Home Depot Day

Slice of Life: Day 4

The first of the month is always Home Depot day in our house. The store offers a free workshop for kids to use hammers and screwdrivers to build some kind of craft.  My son loves it!

Before we even get in the store we have to stop and sit on the tractors. Every time. No matter what. We enter the store and you can already hear the thwacking of hammers against the makeshift plywood tables.  Luke enters wearing his orange Home Depot apron, just like the workers except his has a collection of 20 plus pins. One for every completed project. We take our seat atop an orange painter’s bucket and get to work.

     This has always been a family effort. My husband reviews the directions and gets ready to build.  He is the engineer, so this is always my out!  Luke lays out all the nails and screws.  I am in charge of helping to aim the hammer as my son pulls back the hammer ready to strike the nail my husband is holding.  I always cringe thinking, “Who thought giving toddlers a hammer would be a good idea?!”  I half hold my breath praying, “Please don’t miss and hit Dad’s finger because that will be the end of this!”
     As Dad and son work together, I take the time to people watch, one of my favorite things to do!  There are the parents that do all the building themselves and their child sits and watches.  There are the parents that come with others and use the time to socialize completely unaware of their own children.  There are the parents that come with more than one and are forced to multi-task and build two at a time!  There are the frustrated parents who read the directions wrong and are trying to pull out the nail and make their creation work…
     Once the building is complete, it is time to paint!  This is where I jump in to help.  I love watching my son meticulously paint making sure to get the paint in every nook and cranny.  I am there to help wipe away the paint drips and get rid of the excess paint so it doesn’t take all day to dry.  Then all at once my son proclaims, “I’m done!”, and he gets up to go get his pin.
     There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing his sense of pride in completing something.  I love that we, as a family, can work together to build something and enjoy spending the time together.  Every Home Depot project we have at home is a reminder of the fun we can have as a family doing the things that each of us enjoy!  We’ll see what the next Home Depot day has in store for us!

9 thoughts on “Home Depot Day

  1. This is a lovely slice that takes me back to the projects I did w/ my boys while they were growing up. Your slice also offers a prescient commentary on parenting. If you find yourself weary of the daily writing or short on time, consider posting a photo montage of the Home Depot projects. I’d love to see some of your family creations.


  2. I love this! I remember going to Home Depot with my engineer dad as a kiddo & those are some of my most cherished memories. How awesome that your kids will have those to look back on. Thanks for sharing this slice! Happy Sunday 🙂


  3. Our family has never done a Home Depot Day, but after reading your post we may have to check it out. My daughter recently discovered the workshop area at the DuPage Children’s Museum. We have made the first two letters of her name on our last 2 visits. I anticipate she will ask us to complete her name when we return. When ever she sees us with a hammer or screw driver she insists on “helping” a Home Depot Day may be in our future.


  4. I had no idea this was a thing at Home Depot. I only have memories of walking around the store forever with my grandpa, bored out of my mind. Such great memories you are creating while creating!


  5. I never knew that Home Depot did this, and now I’m wondering if I should be brave and take the girls on my own! I’ll be one of those multi-tasking moms!

    I love how you wrote this, with the ding of the hammers and everything. I love how you described the different types of families – so well done, I’ve seen each of those for sure!

    Great Slice!


  6. I didn’t know this was a thing, but it sounds like you have so much fun! I wish there had been Home Depot days when my guys were little, I think they would be a lot more handy than they are now!


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