Leisurely Lunch

Slice of Life: Day 3

Being a teacher has its perks, but lunch is not one of them.  We get 25 minutes, if we are lucky, and that time flies by!

There is always some email to read or send, copies to make, a mailbox to check, a quick talk with a colleague or student, a bathroom break, I finally get to take, or something else on my to do list that I try to get done!  25 minutes is never enough!

Today, however, I was out of the building and didn’t need to be back at any time.  I just wanted to go back to get some work done before the weekend.

I walked outside after a long morning of meetings and breathed in the crisp clean air as the sunshine hit my face.  It’s a luxury to be able to get outside in the middle of the day and enjoy it!

I drove and picked up lunch instead of eating the same lunch I pack for myself everyday.  It’s a treat to be able to be out during the lunch hour with others who see this as just a normal part of their day.

Instead of going straight back to school I stopped off at Carter’s to buy some new onesies for my daughter, who is busting out of the newborn size, and shorts and a swimsuit for my son because the  warm weather always seems to sneak up on me and he is without these essentials.  It is so nice to leisurely peruse the store knowing I am not on a time limit.  I can just enjoy being here!

I head back to school, clothes in tow, relaxed and refreshed.  It is amazing how doing something out of your normal routine, slowing down and enjoying not having to check the clock can revitalize you!  I arrived back at school ready to work and glad that I took the time to enjoy the luxury that is a leisurely lunch!  They are far and few between, but, oh so enjoyable when I have them!

6 thoughts on “Leisurely Lunch

  1. Your lunch sounds lovely.
    I am known to say that I wish lunch could be in pill form as it’d give me more time to get work done!


  2. Earlier this week, Karen at Literate Lives, did a slice about how much she enjoys leisurely lunches now that she is retired. Both of you have made me think about how crazy, busy, breathless our teacher lives really are. Phew! Glad you got some time for yourself, I’ll bet you were really productive in the afternoon!


  3. People who are not teachers don’t understand how teachers spend lunch. We have 40 minutes, and it’s not enough. The occasional leisurely lunch is a blessing, but I always feel a little guilty, too, for not being in my classroom and available to students who drop by.


  4. Everything about this is great..except the going back to school part! I am glad that you got some time to go shop and do what you needed to do. Next time however instead of going back to school, follow us to Bar Louie. The one time a year we get to get out and enjoy ourselves before we have to go pick up the kids! We went out just for a couple hours and it was great!


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