Nightly Pickup

Slice of Life: Day 2

I love picking my kids up from school.  I go from an exhausted teacher who is emotionally and mentally taxed from a long days work to getting my second wind, or coffee on the way home, to becoming an energetic inquiring mom!

I pick up my daughter first in the nursery and love seeing her quizzically confused face thinking, “who is picking me up and moving me from my spot?!” to having a smile wash over her face realizing it is mom! There is nothing better than snuggling and smothering her in kisses.  Then off to the playground, carrier in tow, to pull my son off the playground and out of the mud!

I walk out the door into a sea of squealing children!  I scan the playground looking for him… bikes, playground, firetruck, mud puddle? Then I spot him, running full speed across the wood chips beaming and giggling all the way.  He crashes into me to give me a bear hug and proclaim, “I want your hair!”  Playing with my hair has always been his comfort and in this moment I always give in and pick him up loving that he wants his mom!

I send him to school clean and ready for the day and I get a mud crusted, wood chip laden, lunch smashed, boogery smeared mess!  I always chuckle knowing our car ride home will be filled with stories that recount all the day had to offer!

I love this part of the day!

10 thoughts on “Nightly Pickup

  1. Pick up at the end of the day is a precious moment. My girls are almost eight and now I get the eye rolls and “why are you here so early?” when I pick up … But I am happy they love their after school program! Enjoy these moments and sweet stories. Those are ones you will want to capture to remember.


  2. this is exactly what it’s all about! it’s exactly these moments that fuel every other part of life. that unconditional love and those raw emotions … it really doesn’t get any better than that! thank you for sharing those special moments and special emotions. you put a huge smile on my face 🙂


  3. As a parent of two young children myself, when I read the title I thought you might be talking about picking up (legos, dishes, laundry, toys, etc) after your children each night. I like the “pickup” you are describing a lot better!


  4. The one thing I was looking forward to when becoming a parent is that moment every day where your kids see you after work. I would watch my niece and nephews getting so excited to see their parents. I couldn’t wait for that, and now I get to live it every day. Best feeling ever!!


  5. This is another Slice that I could have written myself! This is also the favorite moment of my day… although my girls are 6 and 8 years old now, so they are a little more subdued at the sight of me. But, still, I love that first glimpse of them when I walk in the daycare.

    The details you chose to include here were exactly perfect – the hair, the wood chips, carrying the carrier. It totally put me right in the scene with you. Great Slice!


  6. I miss the messy kid days, the halcyon days of a child’s innocence. I love the juxtaposition of your exhaustion w/ picking up a child and picking up coffee, and that sentence listing the mess that you get when you pick up your son is precious for all it doesn’t say about his day. I need a heart emoji for this post.


  7. At the end of your post I am left imagining all that has gone on in the life of your son between the images you paint of ‘clean’ (and we can hear in your voice just how clean he was based on how well loved he is) to the ‘crusted laden smashed mess’!! It shows how free he is to explore and adventure that you love him just as much both ways. I have a small son myself and I hope I can love him just like this when he’s bigger and messier. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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