Weekend Mornings

Slice of Life: Day 25

     Our mornings on the weekend usually start pretty slow.  Even though it’s the weekend there is no sleeping in.  I change my son’s clock from a 6:15 to a 6:30 wake up on the weekends, but he is usually up by 6.  It takes some persuasion to get him to stay in bed longer and when it’s that early I’m not that convincing.  So, like any other weekend I heard my wake up.
     “Moooom.  Mommmy.  Moom?  Mom!”
     My name goes from sweetly being sung to becoming louder and more demanding.
     “What’s up buddy?”
     “I’m ready to get up!”
     “Ok.  It’s still early.  Do you want to come watch a video in bed?”
     When it’s after 6 already there’s no point trying to get him to go back to sleep and I never invite him to sleep in bed with me because he would always ask then!  But, cuddling in bed on the weekend is one of my favorite things.  We head back to my room with his blanket and favorite animal in tow.  I walk around to my side of the bed glancing in the crib to see the baby sound asleep.  At least she knows to sleep in on the weekend.  Luke climbs up into bed and nestles right in the middle.
     “Morning, Dad.  Hi, Molly”
     My husband barely moves as he is not a morning person on the weekend and the dog just rolls over making sure she doesn’t get kicked out of bed.
    “Which Mighty Machines?”
     “Hmmmm, this one!”
     I select the video, put my arm around him and pull the covers up over us as he rests his head on my chest.  I close my eyes and pull him close as he starts to sing about mighty machines.  I wouldn’t want my weekends to start any other way!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Mornings

  1. “I close my eyes and pull him close as he starts to sing about mighty machines. I wouldn’t want my weekends to start any other way!” What a lovely, shared moment! Your writing tightly wove the intricacies of the morn. Great slice!


  2. This post would make a lovely picture book. I thought that about many of your slices this month. I love the image of baby sleeping while mom, dad, dog, and Luke are all in bed.


  3. I, too, have been awoken early by my DD for the past two days. Thankfully, she came in for some snuggles this morning so I got to lounge around in bed before my son woke up. (One day our kids will be teenagers who we’ll have to drag out of bed.)


  4. My kids are grown. I would tell you to enjoy this time. It is sososo short.

    Also, once my kids figured out what really goes on in our room–they did NOT even cross the threshold! LOL.


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