The New Helmet

Slice of Life: Day 10

Yesterday, I bought my 2 year old daughter a bike helmet.  Anything her 5 year old brother can do she thinks she can do as well.  As of late, it has been riding on the scooter and I just keep waiting for her to take a header since she doesn’t have a helmet.
It’s an infant helmet, so it’s rather bulky and has an extra strap at the base of the head that isn’t there as they get bigger.  Hers is pink and purple with sea creatures in tiaras.  She loved it! She woke up from her nap and I wanted her to try it. She was so excited.  She would not let me take the helmet off.  We were getting ready to leave and drive to her grandparent’s house and she refused to take it off.
“My helmet.”
So, rather than argue and have tears.  I let her wear it.  So, there she was strapped in her car seat wearing the pink and purple bike helmet.  Happy as can be!
“Look at my helmet!”
My husband was horrified.  “She looks ridiculous. Make her take it off.”
So, we finally arrived at her grandparent’s house and she got out of the car, helmet still on, and ran to her Papa.
“I got a helmet!”
Flustered and confused, “Oh, yeah . That’s nice.”
I just laughed at his quizzical look.
She then proceeded inside to greet everyone with her helmet!
“I got a helmet.”
She played soccer in her helmet, blew bubbles in her helmet and ate in her helmet until, finally, she was ready to take it off.
I love her excitement and enthusiasm for something as simple as a bike helmet!

6 thoughts on “The New Helmet

  1. Adorable! My brother was like that with goggles. He never wanted to take them off. He used to tie a towel around his neck and call himself “Goggle Boy”. We have tons of pics around the house of it. I love the enthusiasm kids have for the things they like. It’s one of the best parts about them! Unashamedly loving what they love at FULL FORCE! Congrats to your little one- Goggle Boy salutes you!


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