It’s Always Snack Time!

Slice of Life: Day 31

It is always snack time in our house! We literally just finish a meal and my daughter almost always turns to me and says, “Momma, can I have a snack?” with her pretty smile, innocent eyes and hands nestled under her chin.
“No, we just ate!”
“Oh. Can I have a snack?”
She has also mastered her pouty face during this time.  Arms crossed, head slightly down, eyes moving side to side, furrowed brow and super pouty bottom lip.  She is a pout master!
She also knows how to pry her little tiny fingers into the crack of the pantry doors and open them.  There are all the snacks she’s been dreaming of: popcorn, fruit snacks, crackers, cereal, endless possibilities!
If the pantry doesn’t have what she is craving it is on to the fridge.  She gets her step stool places it in front of the refrigerator and yanks open the doors.  Ahh, fruit, yogurt, cheese… so many things for little hands to grab! I am about ready to break out the refrigerator and cabinet safety locks to prevent the endless snack times!
I can’t really blame them, I snack too more than I normally would, but I just don’t do it when they are around otherwise the snack time inquiries will ring out. I may need someone to start policing my snacking too!
Thanks to everyone who read my posts and stories and shared their insights and words of encouragement with me.  This is my third year blogging and I get so much enjoyment from writing down the tidbits of my day and recounting my time with my family.
All the best to you in April and look forward to meeting again next March!

4 thoughts on “It’s Always Snack Time!

  1. It’s always snack time here too. I’ve been baking (though the flour is running low) and by the time we are released from lock down, my husband and I will be waddling to our appointments.
    I’ve enjoyed your slices and hope to see you on Tuesdays.


  2. I think we may live in the same house. It is ridiculous how many snacks they want, but then never want to eat a meal. Stay safe and hope to see you soon!


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