Unexpected Moment

Slice of Life Day 10

Today we unexpectadely had to leave our classroom for a short time. I welcomed the exit. We had our windows open all day allowing the unusually warm breeze to flow into our class.  Our blinds were pulled all the way up tempting us to go out and enjoy the day.  So, with our short stories in hand, we ventured outside.  My kids were really clueless as to why we had to leave and looked at it as some prize they had just won! We pushed open the double doors and crossed into the freedom of fresh air and sunshine.  You could hear us all take a deep breath in through our masks as we all stepped outside.  The fresh air, the sunshine, the warmth! Oh, how I have missed you all!  We walked around the front of the building allowing our hair and arms to be tossed in the wind.  The frigid cold biting air has so quickly been transformed into a warm refreshing breeze.  We made our way to the back blacktop where we made a large socially distanced circle.  The kids started criss cross applesauce all facing me eager to hear our remaining short stories.  As I read, I felt like I was back in high school theatrically reciting a monologue. As my words carried on the breeze the kids unwound and sprawled out on the blacktop lifting their faces to be warmed by the sun.  Sweatshirts became pillows and limbs became outstretched.  Story after story the kids lay entranced by the words and the weather.

“Can we do this everyday?”

“This was the best class ever!”

I love how the unexpected moments can lead to the highlight, and possible new addition, to our day!

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Moment

  1. You painted such a beautiful picture. I wanted to be one of the kids laying on the blacktop with my face soaking up the sun. I’m sure you absolutely made their day with the unexpected trip outside.


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