Dinner Fairy

Slice of Life Day 24

Tonight when I arrived home the wafting smell of dinner met me at the door.  The aroma of chicken tacos made my mouth start to water as I stepped further into the kitchen.  My usual frenzy of what to make for dinner and how quickly can I get it on the table before my kids eat everything in sight was silenced.  Instead, dinner was a breeze! One to be enjoyed, relished, savored.  One paired so nicely with my usual ice cold margarita.  A nice retreat from the rush of a weekday and a dreary rainy night. 

I should take the time to do this more often during the week when it matters the most and not just the weekend. 

Does it count as my hubby making dinner if he turns on the Crockpot that I have already prepped myself? 

I like to think the dinner fairy has flown in to save the day instead!

3 thoughts on “Dinner Fairy

  1. Ah, the joy of entering a kitchen already consumed with the aroma of an anticipated meal. What a delightful pleasantry! And, it sounds like credit for dinner is due across the board….a collective effort! 😉


  2. It’s such a relief to walk in knowing it’s already done, isn’t it?? I don’t know too much from personal experience, lol, but every once in a while! This reminds me that I should pull out the crock pot. It’s been locked in the cabinet for too long!


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