Spring Reading

Slice of Life Day 23

Spring is most definitely in the air.  Our window was open allowing the breeze to blow through, the sun streaming in, and the birds cheerful songs filling our class.  We took a late morning walk around the building to find our blacktop awaiting us for our reading time.  We, once again, sat in a big socially distanced circle and opened up our books.  The kids are deeply invested in their books and I love having them catch me up with their summaries as I make my way around the circle.  

Has the school voted for class president yet?

Have the boys pulled another prank?

Has anyone found out about the hidden family yet?

Has the big snowstorm hit yet? 

I cherish this reading time with my students and really getting to know them as readers.  Having this time be outside is an even greater bonus.  We were sad when this time ended, but motivated by lunchtime to find a good place to pause our reading. We eagerly anticipated a return to the sunshine with an afternoon walk.

Spring, we welcome you with open arms!

2 thoughts on “Spring Reading

  1. So much YES! Yes to spring and reading outside! Yes to finding a way to engage them by changing environments! And yes to their excitement and curiosity! Woo hoo! Major teacher win there!


  2. I was cracking up watching them out the window laying all over the black top! That could not have been comfortable, but they all looked like they were cozied up in their beds.


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