St. Patrick’s Eve

Slice of Life Day 17

Here I stand at my dresser having just put the kids to sleep pulling out my stash of green shamrock necklaces, green and gold confetti, and gold shamrock stamped coin necklaces.  It is the eve of St. Patrick’s Day and my kids are expecting a leprechaun or a leprechaun has been here clues! I am cutting the gold coins off the necklace, which will be left behind for the kids.  The confetti is to track where the leprechaun has been, and the shamrock necklaces will be a gift left behind along with chocolate gold coins.  My son went to bed having found his gold stash from last year and a note the leprechaun left behind.  He tried to lure the leprechaun back with a trail of his gold and another note.  My daughter’s excitement and buzz wore off as she slipped into bed.

Mommy, I don’t want the leprechaun to come in my room.

Neither do I, honey.  Neither do I.

Confetti and gold must be left, so giggles and laughter can be had in the morning. This leprechaun has work to do!

Happy St. Patrick’s Eve!


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