Family Fun Fair

Slice of Life Day 19

Last night was our first after school event in over 2 years!  The Family Fun Fair was back! My son has been talking about this for weeks and the days leading up to it were no exception! There were games to be played, raffle baskets to win, and the infamous cake walk.  

My son had made a plan with his friends, meet at their class and then straight to the cake walk to ensure they had their pick of the goodies.  We arrived right on time and were rushed through the halls to his class where, just as anticipated, his friends were waiting.  Giggles, smiles, and jumping ensued!

To the cake walk!

Parents and younger siblings in tow.  

Games were played, slime was made, tattoos pressed on, raffle winners announced!

The whole school was abuzz after a long awaited 2 years!  The smiles, laughter, and chatting with friends and families have been long overdue.  


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