A Lazy Afternoon Together

Slice of Life Day 20

Today was a cold rainy day that kept us inside during the early afternoon.  After our morning errands, cleaning the house, and doing the laundry, I finally wanted to sit down for 10 minutes.  I went to put on a recorded cooking show only to be let down because there weren’t any new episodes.  Instead, I scrolled to a home renovation competition.  My littlest was napping and my oldest was hard at work on a new drawing.  He set up shop at the foot of the couch as I laid down and sprawled out. He looked up at the show every so often when something caught his eye commenting on the design choice and what he liked or didn’t.  This went on with him commenting and me listening.  At the end of the episode, he turned to me and said, “Is there another one?”  He was hooked and wanted to see what the designers would each choose next in the room they had to design.  

“There are a few more recorded.”

“Can we watch it?”

“Sure, we have time before soccer.”

So together we watched commenting on the choices, giving them our approval or not.  Agreeing sometimes and disagreeing others.  

Then my littlest came downstairs sleepy eyed from her nap and curled up with us.  She too jumped right in once she heard us commenting back and forth.  Her opinion sometimes in line with ours and other times we all had very different opinions.  

This sparked conversations about what we would do if we were designing and what would do in our dream homes.  I love that our styles and design choices all ebbed and flowed with each changing house and room.  I love that my children are each coming into their own and owning their own style and individuality.  

I wonder what we’ll think of the next room?


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