Ode to Candy

Slice of Life Day 29

Sour Patch Kids, why are you oh so good?! The fun size bag is never enough at Halloween, I always end up eating two.  Where is the regular size bag? Never to be found! So, of course, I buy the bigger bag. I’ll only eat a few.  I’ll only want a few.  Hah, yeah right!  Blue, red, orange, yellow, green.  I love you all.  So soft and chewy.  Sour and sweet.  I just can’t get enough.  I’ve rolled up the bag and put it away three times.  Every time I have taken it back out.  I have now eaten the whole bag.  I am not surprised at all.  They are just oh so good!


2 thoughts on “Ode to Candy

  1. While I do not share your love of candy, by changing a few words, I could be you….tortilla chips and guac or hummus would be my downfall I put the bag away, clip it tight and yet they call me….until I save them from the closet!


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