The Dreaded Words

Slice of Life: Day 7

Today I picked my daughter up from daycare and her teacher uttered the words no mom ever wants to hear, “Have you noticed her coughing lately?”  Ugh.

Deny, deny, deny.  She is not getting sick!  I can’t stay home and miss school.  Daycare has a 48 hour sick policy.  I cant miss two days!  What will I leave for the sub?  Ugh, I have that meeting I have to attend.  I am flooded with all the things I can’t miss!  I pray maybe they were wrong and the cough came from someone else.  I pack her up and head over to pick up my son hoping he does not have any symptoms.

This is where my mommy guilt always sets in.  If only I could stay home and not have to have them in the cesspool of germs that is daycare.  But, then again, I love my job.  I hate when my school family takes precedence over my home family.

We arrive home and my husband’s car is in the garage.  He never ever beats us home… and I even stopped twice before arriving home.  I carry all three of our bags in from the car.  How can two tiny people have so much stuff?!  I flop it all on the island knowing I’ll have to tackle that later.  All is quiet.  Too quiet.  My husband is nowhere in sight.  “Hello?”

I walk upstairs, kids in tow, and open the bedroom door.  There he is.  In his pajamas. Tucked under the covers with that look on his face.  Then he utters the words no wife ever wants to hear, “I don’t feel good.  I think I’m sick.”  Ugh.

10 thoughts on “The Dreaded Words

  1. Hang in there — the good news is that if they get sick a lot when they are in daycare … they will be REALLY healthy when they are teenagers! Mine never get sick now. Let go of the guilt – it doesn’t help anyone. It is a stage of life and life will go on. Try to enjoy the moment you are in. If you stay home enjoy being home and if you go in to work embrace work. It all comes into balance — I promise! Fingers crossed you don’t get sick!


  2. I am so sorry your family is not well. I can feel the tension in your words between your teacher life and your mom life. “I’m sick” from a husband are certainly dreaded words, especially when the kids are sick too. I hope all is well soon. Stay well as you care for your family.


  3. So HE can stay home with HER, and you can get rid of your mommy guilt. TRUTH: There will be worse things to hear as they get older. TRUTH: They will appreciate and admire your commitment to having a family life and a professional life.

    I hope they are both better soon, and your mommy immune system stays strong.

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  4. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle. I can connect to this slice sooo so much. Especially the part about having to choose between your school family and home. Hope everyone gets over this nasty bug soon.


  5. Oh! I can relate. The mommy guilt! Last week my daughter wasn’t feeling well and I told her that she’d have to wait until Saturday to go to the doctor! Hope everyone is on the mend!


  6. Oh no!!! Hopefully he is the only one getting sick and that Miss O is better today. I am sure you were happy to leave for work this morning!


  7. It’s always a difficult challenge when your kids are sick – send them to school to get a call later, keep them home and struggle with the guilt of not being at work. Then to have hubby sick too – I can definitely feel your anxiety.


  8. You poor thing! Looks like Florence Nightingale needs to put on her nurses uniform and get to work! Wishing you a happy and healthy family tonight!


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