Bath Time

Slice of Life: Day 8

     I love bath time with my daughter at the end of the night. It’s not every night, so I cherish the time even more when we do.  It’s just the two of us!
     She gets so excited when she hears the rush of the water.  She loves sinking down into the tub as the warm water washes over her.  She kicks her legs and bats her arms at the water.  She smiles every time I pour water over her letting out gurgles and coos.  The warm water surrounds her washing away the day.
     Our serenity is only momentarily paused as I pull her from the comfort of the bath and we quickly make our way through the hallway…
     We never know where the other two may be lurking.  The hallway transports us into a Marvel movie and you never know who you may encounter… Will the Flash whiz by?  Will Green Goblin pelt you with a fire bomb?  Will Batman be out to save the day?  Will Spiderman be slinging his webs?  All I know is move fast when you hear the pitter patter of little feet and duck into the peacefulness of my daughter’s room.
     I zip her into her sleep slack trapping in the warmth as I snuggle her close.  Her smell is intoxicating.  I hold her in my arms rocking her to sleep until she finally closes her eyes and lets out one final sigh.  I could close my eyes right now and drift off with her…
     The sound of pew-pews spill over from the hallway and I know a bad guy has just been vanquished and a superhero is next in line for his bath.
     If only all bath times could be so peaceful…

10 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. What a sweet slice capturing such a special bonding time with your daughter! I loved bath time, too! We would play Jazz on a Kid’s Day while we layered back up in clothes. “I could close my eyes right now and drift off with her…” made me feel like I was right in her room with both of you. Until next bath time!


  2. I always loved bath time when they were little! So fun to watch them explore and get excited about “tubby time”. My blog today was about things I would tell a new mom and one of them was as they get older there will be more water outside of the tub than inside! I’m assuming that is what yours is like with your superhero? 🙂


  3. Sounds like you have boys with a little girl like me! I love my little girl so much and those peaceful adoring moments are so priceless! I love my boys but God knows I have a special connection with my daughter 🙂 I love how you shared this moment.


  4. Oh, this was too precious! Enjoy those baby snuggles. Thanks for capturing the peacefulness of this moment. And I loved the added pitter-patters and pew-pews coming from the hallway!


  5. I love how you are appreciating every moment of this new journey with your adorable baby girl. How wonderful to end your days with so many sensory delights. Keep enjoying these moments because these are just some of the very best times of life 🙂


  6. Oh, I love this. (I feel like I keep saying that about your writing, but I really do love it!)

    The detail in this piece is so vivid – the splash of the water, the ruckus in the hallway, the smell of your clean baby… this piece transported me right back to a few years ago when my littles were little. This is so well-written. This is another mentor text that students could use for detail. So great.


  7. I love this documenting of life’s simple moments w/ children. You’re a super mom! I miss these little kid days.


  8. This is a wonderful snapshot of bath time moments. Your details make the piece feel so real. A peaceful bathtime sounds like a perfect ending to the day!


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