Late Night Wake Up Call

Slice of Life: Day 10

     There are those moments when I wake up in the middle of night to the sound of my son. “Momma…”  Long pause.  “Momma…”  There it is again.  I flip the covers to the side letting the warm air slide out and the cool air being pushed down from the fan prickles my exposed skin.  My feet hit the floor and I let my toes sink in to the fuzzy carpet.  My dog and husband remain undisturbed.  I walk through the low lying fog that’s spewing from the humidifier.  I glance in the Pack ‘n Play and see her fast asleep arms splayed out to the side.  I open the door, pass through the hallway and into his room.  His door always pops and creaks and I remind myself as always, “I need to find the WD40.”
     “What’s up buddy?”
     “Cover me up.”
     My son is half asleep with the covers pushed to the foot of his bed.  His head rests on his teeny fire truck pillow and his favorite Ellie is tucked under his arm.  Big Ellie is still in the corner, Izzy Iguana at his side, Mini the shark on the other, Monkey next to him, Teddy in the corner, Mickey, Donald and Goofy at his head along with Dinosaur and Raccoon.  All his animals close and making him feel safe, but his warmth has been pushed to the bottom.  I wrestle to find the white firetruck sheet and pull it free.  I pull it up over his shoulders.  Next the firetruck comforter.  I smooth the blankets before topping him off with his fuzzy blanket he has had since he was born.  I run my hand through his hair as I whisper, “Love you. Good night.”
     I shuffle to the door.
     I turn back and crouch down beside his bed so he can fumble to find my hair and pull it close.
     “Arms under.  I’ll tuck you in.”
     Satisfied.  He snuggles into his pillow and drifts back to sleep feeling comforted and once again warm.
     I shuffle back to my room.  Close the door.  The floor creaks with each step.  I pause by my daughter and hold my breath so I can hear hers.  My dog and husband still remain undisturbed.  I slide back in bed, pull the covers up over me feeling the weight of the blanket and nestle in to my pillow.  I let out a sigh as I close my eyes.  The warmth and coziness of the bed comforts me as does knowing my son still needs his Momma even when he’s sleeping.

6 thoughts on “Late Night Wake Up Call

  1. I love how descriptive this piece is! I felt like I was right there with you. I really like that last line, too.


  2. Such a sweet piece! I have to remind myself often when I get out of my warm bed at night that these moments are fleeting and there will be a day where I won’t be called during the night anymore. This post was a beautiful way to capture these moments!


  3. You capture the love between a mother and child beautifully, particularly in your use of fragmented language and single word responses.


  4. This is so beautiful! As I was reading the beginning, I thought that what I was going to love most were those descriptive details setting the scene, but then while I was reading your exchanges with your son, I thought what I loved most was how you’ve captured what he’s like–I can so picture him and the connection you have with him–and then when I got to the ending, I loved that too–the holding your breath to hear your daughter’s breathing and climbing back into bed with your husband and dog.


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