Night Sky

Slice of Life: Day 22

Tonight I felt bad that the dog had to wait longer than usual.  Any other night I would just let her out the front door to quick do her thing and come right back in, but tonight I thought this would be the night something would happen.  All I needed was for her to run off to investigate some wild animal lurking in the shadows and I did not want to have to deal with that.  Not tonight.  So I put the leash on her and went outside.  Any other night I would just stand at the front door whisper yelling at her to hurry up, stop smelling and get back inside, but tonight I felt bad so I walked outside with her.

The air was cool and crisp, but not cold.  The night was dark and quiet.  I tiptoed along the brick walkway the cold prickling my feet with each step.  I stopped at the driveway as she walked into the grass.  I could hear the ground crunch beneath her feet as she went searching for the perfect spot.  We live on a cul-de-sac and I love the lone street light that shines its light.  It is old fashioned looking and the tune of “I’m singing in the rain” always fills my head as I picture someone jumping up and twirling around the lamppost in the rain.  My gaze follows the light up to the grinning Cheshire cat in the sky.  I love this phase of the moon.  Just enough to see and just enough to make me relive scenes from Alice in Wonderland.  The sky is speckled with stars.  So many stars.  I love trying to pick out the stars from the airplanes.  I wonder if I’ll ever see a shooting star.  There is something so magical about the night sky.  So mysterious and grand.  I take a deep breath in.  The air smells so clean and crisp.  Winter is on its way out and spring is coming in.  I feel the tug on the leash and we quickly prance back in to the warmth of the house grateful to have taken the time to go out and enjoy the night sky.

5 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. Emerson’s “When I Heard the Learned Astronomer” entered my mind as I read. I see the moon shining like the Cheshire cat in your description and can picture those lamp posts on your street through the reference to “Singing in the Rain.” Animals seem to bring us closer to nature and heighten our senses of observation, I think.


  2. You paint a lovely picture. This slice makes me want to go outside and walk in the still darkness right now. You bring it to an easy end with the tug on the leash and heading back to the warmth of the house. Lovely!!


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