Tis the Season of Birthdays

Slice of Life: Day 4

Our weekends have become consumed with 5 year old birthday parties.  We have had 8 since the start of the new year!  My husband and I used to tag team these as the whole Pre-K class is invited and it is just awkward standing around for 2 hours talking to parents you only see in passing during pick up or drop off, all while trying to keep eyes on your kid.  But now my daughter has outgrown her two naps (ugh) and nap time conveniently falls within the dreaded birthday party time.  So, one of us takes our son and the other gets to enjoy the quiet productiveness of nap time.  Today, I was on birthday party duty…

Despite me not enjoying the small talk and having to be an extrovert, I love watching my son!  The excitement that washes over 4 and 5 year olds when they see each other outside of school is infectious!  The instant smile, the hugs, the ants in your pants cannot stop jumping and without being able to soak it all in a friend grabs his hand and he’s off!  Running to and fro, back and forth, bouncing, climbing, one friend to the next.  Big smiles, laughter, just enjoying being with friends!  This is what birthday parties are all about… until next weekend!

6 thoughts on “Tis the Season of Birthdays

  1. I giggled at the “not enjoying small talk and having to be an extrovert” line- I think that’s true of so many of us! I’m glad you enjoyed birthday party duty for even a little while 🙂


  2. It is kind of crazy to think about and then actually witness your kids’ social dynamics, built and modified daily away from you, in action. While supervising nap time is definitely the job you want, sometimes the alternative definitely works as a solid consolation prize.


  3. Loved this. Those awkward conversations that take place while you are trying to keep an eye on your kid and their interactions… I get it. Glad you enjoyed the time and those big smiles.


  4. That is crazy! That is too many parties! It is definitely an awkward feeling going to some of those parties. It feels like high school or college where you didn’t know anyone so you clung to that one friend. Now we cling to our kids instead:). Oh how the tables are turning. Good luck with all of those!!


  5. Wow! Sounds like you’re raising a great kid who is Mr. Social! The awkwardness at the parties is terrible, but it is all worth it knowing our kiddos are having fun!


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