Do you have a minute?

Slice of Life: Day 6

When the teacher asks if you have a minute and follows you into the classroom you know it’s going to go one of two ways…
“Hey, do you have a minute?”
That sinking feeling…  Oh God, what did he do? Please let it be good.
“Of course.  What’s up?”
“Oh nothing bad, but I have to share!”
Oh, phew… breathe. It’s a good thing!
“The other day the kids were on the carpet and they started chanting, Mrs. W is the best teacher! Mrs. W is the best!
I looked over and Luke was sitting cross legged, hands in his lap, lips pressed together not saying anything and he just had this look.”
As his mom I know the look… The I’m innocent, I didn’t do anything, honest look.
“I asked him, “What’s up, buddy?” and he replied, “Well, I love my mommy and she’s the best, so I think she is the best teacher too.  I’m sorry Mrs. W.”‘
Aww, melt my heart!
She said it was the sweetest moment and replied, “It’s ok, Luke. I think so too.”
It’s moments like these that make me grateful for a wonderful teacher like Mrs. W to share this with me and make my heart smile!
Mrs. W is the best teacher!  Mrs. W is the best… and so is mommy!

8 thoughts on “Do you have a minute?

  1. So sweet! It’s such a gift to get to teach in the building where you child is a student! The way you slowly revealed the story took me back to those same kind of nervous conversations from my life 20 years ago.


  2. This is wonderful. I can totally relate to that sinking feeling as a mom being called in by your child’s teacher, and my kids went to school in the district I teach in. It always ended up okay, though. BTW – my oldest is Luke also! Great name and great slice. Thank you!


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