Ahh! What is that?!

Slice of Life: Day 21

The room was silent.  The lights were off.  The kids were ALL engaged and they were spread out everywhere.  The back table, the back counter, the side table, the side counter, the sink, standing at desks, sitting at desks, sitting on desks.  They have been doing research for a new writing unit.  Reading books, reading information online, watching videos and taking notes.  So much writing and so many notes.  I was so proud.
I was sitting on the back counter with my laptop emailing links to websites for students that were in need of more information.  I was sitting behind my desk because one student, who can be very off task and disruptive, decided sitting at my desk in my chair was where he wanted to work.
“Fine.  I don’t care.  Just get your work done.”
He likes watching videos and taking notes after.  He is researching museums and he had found a video of someone walking through the Field Museum showing all of the exhibits.  I have been to the museum before.  This particular student has not.  I can see out of the corner of my eye that the video is showcasing all of the taxidermy animals that are on display.  I am scanning the room, researching myself and emailing links to students.  Then it happens,
This student visibly jumps out of his chair and pushes himself away from his computer.  On his screen is some kind of baboon primate mouth open teeth showing ready to attack.
“What is that?!”
This student turns and looks at me wide eyed and I can do nothing more than laugh out loud, which in turn causes him to laugh out loud in a fit of giggles.  He and I have shattered the silence, everyone is staring and asking, “What happened? What’s so funny?  I want to see.”
“Get back to work.  It is fine.  It is just a video.”
The student and I exchange glances and giggle again.  I have turned into one of my students not able to control myself.
It is moments like these shared with my students that make me remember why I enjoy teaching so much!

5 thoughts on “Ahh! What is that?!

  1. I bet he will be talking about that experience for a long time. Part of it will be about the video and part will be about the laughter the two of you shared! Students + special moments = teaching!


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