A Different Kind of Morning

Slice of Life: Day 25

I never get to walk the dog in the morning during the weekday.  I am always rushing because of snoozing too many times or one of the kids gets ready too slow or I walk around the kitchen in circles too many times getting breakfast and lunch ready simultaneously!  There is never time for me to walk the dog.  I am on kid duty and my husband takes the dog.  Today though.  Today is my first day of break!  Today was a different kind of morning.  I slept until the kids woke up.  No lunch to make.  No need to keep checking the clock and I got to walk the dog.

She had this look of “What about me?  You are forgetting to walk me!”

Once my husband and kids left I told her, “Come on, let’s go outside.”


“Back door.  Front door.  This is not my routine.  Why is my mom taking me out?!”

Out the door.  Ah… deep breath in.  Exhale.  Spring is in the air.  A cool morning with the warm sunshine on my face.  She has a prance in her step.  Not rushed.  Not just business as usual.  An extra stop at this tree.  That tree.  A good smell in the newly placed leaves.  It’s quiet.  I do not get to enjoy this quiet in the morning.  The street is quiet.  No cars.  No buses.  No one out yet.  Maybe it is because everyone else is home with their kids on break and enjoying the late start or maybe it is because it is too late and everyone else has already left.  Either way, it is a morning to enjoy.  My first baby and I, who has slowly gotten pushed to the side with the arrival of other babies, enjoy the morning together.  I have missed my morning walk and talks with my dog enjoying the quiet of the morning… not rushed.

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