Swimming Lessons

Slice of Life: Day 30

Sitting behind the glass the warmth of the pool surrounds me and the smell of chlorine is strong.  There he is sitting on the ledge waiting patiently.  Kicking on his own holding on to a floating dumbbell.  Water poured onto his head he doesn’t even flinch! Yes! We’ve come a long way.  Next dipping under the water.  Ugh! I even hold my breath.  He surfaces unfazed.  He effortlessly wipes the water from his nose.  Success!  High fives all around.  I am so proud of him.  A year ago he would not have done either of those skills.  He hates water in his eyes! And I mean hate.  He gets splashed in the bath tub and he is screaming bloody murder! But, this is the kid who loves the pool and water slides and the idea of boating.  I use this to my advantage and tell him he can go in the deeper water, on the bigger slides  and on a boat when he can swim on his own!  He raises his hand to go first to try out the skill.  I am so proud.  He makes it back to the ledge and takes off his goggles to look for me.  There I am waving and giving him a thumbs up for encouragement! He has come a long way!  We exchange goofy faces and then he gets back to listening to his teacher and practicing his swimming skills.  I am so proud!  He has come a long way.

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