Shopping Buddy

Slice of Life: Day 31

Today I had a shopping buddy.  He wanted to come with and I was happy to oblige.  Coffee in hand, juice box in tow we were ready to go.  He chose to walk, run, skip, hop next to me.  Up and down the aisles.

“Do we need this?”

“Do we need that?”

He would gently place his selected items on the bottom rack of the cart as opposed to dumping them over the side of the cart.

“Can I have this?”

“Can I have that?”

We got to the back of the store all groceries carefully selected.  List checked once and twice for good measure.

“We have everything.  Do you want to hop on?”


Propped up on the bottom rail, hands on the bar, Mom pushing the cart from behind.

Sometimes a departure from a mundane task can make it unexpectedly more enjoyable.  Today my shopping buddy did just that!

3 thoughts on “Shopping Buddy

  1. Aw, so cute! I LOVE my solo shopping trips, but my (slightly bigger) buddy makes things interesting, too! Plus, he will high-tail it to the other side of the store and get things, too! LOL!


  2. Sometimes I dread bringing them with and other times they pleasantly surprise me by making a mundane task much more enjoyable, too. I’m often jealous of their ease of jumping on and off the sides or back of the cart. To be young and carefree again!


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