Quiet Friday Afternoon

Slice of Life: Day 7

There is something about a Friday afternoon once all the kids have left for the weekend. There is a calm and it is quiet especially after 3:30 when most have left.  I like the quiet.  There’s no need to hussle.  Nothing that needs my immediate attention.  No kids staying after and no meeting to attend.  I can walk the halls to the copier at a slower pace and just watch in a haze as my copies are made.  No need to multi-task.  No wishing the copier would just finish already.  Friday afternoons are just slower paced and quieter and I enjoy them.  My back log of emails finally get the reply they’ve been needing.  I can take the time to intentionally plan and not be interrupted by someone or something else needing my immediate attention.  Here’s to feeling productive and leaving with a sense of satisfaction and it’s not even 4!  Weekend and afternoon cup of much deserved coffee here I come!

5 thoughts on “Quiet Friday Afternoon

  1. Oh I love a Friday afternoon; getting things off my plate for the weekend and simply enjoying the quiet in the school as it has emptied out. The anticipation of two days ahead of me when I can (for the most part) set my schedule and plan my time. Hope you have an awesome weekend.


  2. When everyone runs out the door at 3:30 on Fridays, I love to hang behind and get planned and prepped for the upcoming week. It’s always calm and quiet and the normal stress of getting kids to after school activities has been alleviated.


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