A New Routine

Slice of Life: Day 16

I spent most of Sunday trying to come up with a new routine.  What will we spend our days doing?  Usually it would be play dates, park visits, museums, zoos… and all those options are out!  I went to Target Drive Up and bought my son a new scooter because there is no way we are just staying inside all day.  I will lose it by the afternoon!  We live on a cul-de-sac and our two other neighbors on the cul-de-sac have already become shut-ins so we don’t expect to see them.  We have a newly built tree fort in the back yard and lots of sticks, chalk and bubbles to keep us entertained as well.

I had every intention of going to the library to stock up on Saturday, but they announced their closure before we could get there.  So, instead I was logging into the library’s digital resources.  My kids loved watching their favorite books being narrated and animated and my son loved having Pete the Cat and other I Can Read! and beginner reader books at his fingertips.  Some he had me read aloud, others he liked listening to the narration and following along.  Scholastic had some awesome activities put together and we spent breakfast watching and learning about rabbits.  Then on to BrainPop where my kids took turns picking their video of choice.  First, it was space then insects then mammals.  The next few days and weeks will be an adjustment and today we will find out what my son’s school’s expectations are, but for now we are happy adjusting to our new routine and becoming e-learners!  Happy learning today!

2 thoughts on “A New Routine

  1. It is such an adjustment and I felt like day 1 went really well. I really tried not to do all of the cool things I came up with at once… I am trying to slow it all down and spread it out for as long as needed!


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